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Fiberglass & Polymer Wall Vinyl Swimming Pool Construction & Remodels in North Alabama

Swimming Pool Options

We've teamed with Imagine Pools to bring you endless possibilities of fiberglass pool ranges or styles, sizes, and color range options. We've chosen Imagine Pools because of their focus on building a quality swimming pool, providing you with years of superior performance and trouble-free ownership.

Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass Pool Ranges

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Color Ranges

Ocean-Blue1 Coral-Blue Reef-Blue Ice-Silver Storm-Grey Volcanic-Black Beach-Sand

Polymer Wall Vinyl Liner Pools

polymer-pool-walls-vinyl-linersIn association with Premier Swimming Pool Products, we offer unique polymer inground pools. This new concept of patented flexible panels allows for endless shape options to suit your specific landscape needs and desires. Made of stable, non biodegradable polymer foams, these flexible panels increases the longevity of your pool while withholding heat and blocking the cold from the surrounding ground.

  • Engineering for superior strength and endurance.
  • Thick muscular walls that are virtually as strong as steel.
  • Walls that will not rust, rot, dent, or corrode.
  • Non-corrosive, sturdy bracing system with drive stake assembly.
  • Lifetime limited warranty for the original owner.
Polymer Brochure

All vinyl pool liners are made from the finest vinyl available, specifically treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth. This makes Premier Vinyl Liners nearly maintenance-free -- easy to clean and smooth to the touch. These vinyl liners for Polymer Wall Pools are available in a number of styles and patterns.

Stonescapes Series

Aquarius TahoeBlue-32760536d5 AztecBarley Sand-69abf0d060 AztecCobalt AquaBlue-59cd9fe5c8 Bermuda AquaBlue-067457dcde    

Jewelscapes Series

Coastal YachtClubBlue-9eb30286a2 Escapes EveningBlue-21fb2a319b Verona YachtClubBlue-81b4710822      

Core Patterns

Barolo Prism-f8e4dbc5d3 Bonneville TanMosaic-39e154ebaf Cambridge RoyalPrism-bf98991cc5 Cancun BlueGranite-1f7a244191 Capri FrescoII-f1cca0af49 Chesapeake Gemstone-cedb8ff63b
CourtstoneBlue NaturalBlue-632a16455a Courtstone NaturalGrey-5e7270fce7 Dolphin Seabrook-d58760684b Dynastie BlueGranite1-7c1011e322 Hampton Seaglass-3a8e3727b7 IndigoMarble BlueGranite-2db39d1d57
MarbleInlay Crystal-ec4f5976ee Moonstruck Creekstone-cd3e83678e MountainTop BlueMosaic-0a5fdbcdd8 PacificTide Prism-5bb3185c43 Sapphire MajesticSky-8b071911c5 StoneBraid RoyalPrism-077c169c69
Stratford RoyalPrism-b5d6a70dcb Summerwave DeepBlueFusion-0ac03bac79 TanSierra GoldPebble-07da57b40d VintageMosaic BlueMosaic-96e7ff5449    

Pool Warranty

Imagine Pools come with two available construction warranty plans for your peace of mind. Every pool is available in either the Standard Construction, or the most recent advancement, the Centurion Core Construction.

Standard Construction: 10-Year Surface Warranty, 20-Year Structural Warranty
Centurion Core Construction: 10-Year Surface Warranty, Lifetime Structural Warranty, Lifetime Sturctural Osmosis Warranty

Swimming Pool Financing

logo-lightstream-pool-financingOwning a swimming pool can be an excellent addition to enhance the value of your property and is extremely affordable through our financing options. Installing or remodeling your pool is a long-term investment. You may not have the cash on hand to fund the entire project, and that’s why we've partnered with LightStream -- a division of SunTrust Bank, and the nation’s premier online consumer lender.

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