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faq-iconMy pool is green...How can I fix it?
Algae grows rapidly in warm water is most likely the cause of your green water.  The best way to treat algae is with a chlorine pool shock and algaecide. Algae can be controlled by maintaining the chlorine level in your pool.

faq-iconWhen is the best time to shock my pool?
The best time to shock your pool is at dusk or in the evening.  Shocking during the day will not be as effective because the sun will burn it off. Add shock weekly to maintain and keep your pool clean and free of algae.

faq-iconWhy is my pool cloudy?
There is not a single cause to cloudy pool water.  Two of the main reasons the water isn’t filtering well or the water is not balanced.

faq-iconWhen can I swim in my pool after adding chemicals?
When shocking the pool with chlorine, you should wait until the chlorine levels have dropped below 5 ppm.  With most other products, you should wait 15-30 minutes or per product label instructions.

faq-iconWhy is my filter pressure high?
The most likely reason is your filter is dirty. Spray off a filter cartridge and backwash if it is a sand filter.

faq-iconHow often should I spray off my filter cartridges?
This should be done when the pressure on the filter rises 8-10 PSI above the clean pressure. To ensure longer cartridge life, do not use a pressure washer on cartridges.

faq-iconWhen should I open or close my pool?
We recommend opening early and closing late to make opening clean up easy. Opening in late April and closing early to mid-October is typically the best, although each year can be a little different.

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